ATA Architects & Planners is a multi-discipline design firm committed to creating exceptional and sustainable built environment.  Working from multiple locations in the United States, China and Chile, we provide comprehensive services in master planning, architecture, landscape architecture and interior design. 


Design Integrity

We see the built environment is like the human body: an integrated system that can be studied in parts but never performs independently.  At ATA, we treat site and space like our bodies, working beyond boundaries between inside and outside.  Our thoughts and efforts are not constrained by territories between Planning, Architecture or Landscape.  All of our projects are done by close collaborations between planners, architects and landscape architects.  As a result, the design is able to create a space with the highest level of sophistication and harmony.


Timeless Quality 

We focus on high quality of work and sustainable growth.  In each project, regardless size and budget, we dedicate our time and passion to deep thinking and comprehensive study.  What guide us are not the trends or personal desires, but the full respect and sincere care to people, the land and environment.


We believe that good design provides timeless beauty and longevity-- it is what we constantly pursue, exceptional quality and value.  In this ever-changing world, we look for the values that are consistent with humanity and the laws of nature, and apply them to the design to create places that grow and adapt over time.


Featured Projects 

Baimahe Park

Guilin Resort

Yinhu Bay

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