South Gate Garden

Owner:  Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology (XAUAT)

Initial Construction: 2015

Annual Plant Installation: 2015 to Present


Design Team:  North West Landscape Studio,  ATA Architects and Planners

Project Director: Hui Liu

Principal Designers: Mei Sheng

Project Manager: Xiaoli Wang

Project Landscape Architects: Juan P. Caceres, Dandan Mu, FangWang, Keli Huang, Fang Liu


Research Team: North West Landscape Research Institute, XAUAT

Research Supervisors: Hui Liu, Jingmao Wang, Lihua Li, Xuan Bao

Research Assistants: Cangshuan Li, Xiaohui Wu, Yong Liu, ChuangLiang, Ying Xia, Xiaoting Lang, Jiaxing Feng, Gang Li, Shengnan Li, LinjiaoZheng, Feifei Song, Jiaqi Zhang, Yuankai Zhang, Jiamin Tao, Xiao Kong, BowenXu, Aiyun Cheng, Mengke Li, Yiting Yang, Shun Zhang, Yunjun Li, Feng Guo.  


Initial Construction Cost: RMB220,000.

General Contractor:  General Service Department, XAUAT

Project Sponsors: XAUAT, National Natural Science Foundation of China (Fund No. 51278410)

Material Donors: Shangxi Shanshui Yuejing Trade Co. (WoodStructure),  Xi An Hongyue Flower Co. Ltd.( Garden Seeds and Plants)   


English Editor:Donna Gamache 

Photographer: Hai Zhang

The South Gate Garden project is on a university campus of Xi' an, China. The project began as a simple experimental field for the Landscape Architecture program and research but has evolved far beyond that by shaping the behavior of its many visitors. This modest undertaking transformed a quarter-acre of passive green space into an active placethat supports multiple educational and social uses.

As a showcase of Low Impact Development and Sustainable Design, the garden functions as rain garden as well as research field. Different groups of plants were allocated to each plot with a variety of wild plants grown for studies of native plants pecies and building micro habitats. Research group has been working here to observe plants, collect date, maintain and reinstall plants annually.

Shortlisted in 2019 WAF.